Biden Administration Needs to Invest in Early-Stage Climate-Friendly Energy Tech

The incoming Biden administration might have the biggest opportunity in more than a decade to drive innovation in climate-friendly technologies. Consider the terrain. In December, for example, Kairos Power announced plans to build a prototype of its novel salt-cooled high-temperature nuclear reactor at the East Tennessee Technology Park, a campus of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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U.S. to Host World Data System’s International Program Office

The Department of State is proud to see that the World Data System (WDS), a non-governmental body for norms and standards for scientific data, has selected the Oak Ridge Institute at the University of Tennessee (ORI at UT) to host its International Program Office for a five-year term starting in 2021.
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DOE Office of Science – Final FY21 Appropriations

Funding for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science is increasing marginally in fiscal year 2021. Most of its component programs will receive steady funding, though office-wide initiatives in quantum information science and artificial intelligence are receiving substantial boosts, and work is ramping up on the proposed Electron Ion Collider and Cosmic Microwave Background-S4 projects.
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DOE and NOAA Extend Computing Partnership, Plan for New Supercomputer

The National Climate-Computing Research Center (NCRC), hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has been supporting the climate research of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the last 11 years – and now, the two institutions have renewed their vows. For at least the next five years, the Department of Energy (DOE, here represented by ORNL) and NOAA will continue to cooperate on the NCRC, including through the commissioning of a brand-new supercomputer.
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DOE Announces 2020 Federal Energy and Water Director’s Award Winner – The EMPOWER Wall

The Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognize individuals, groups, and agencies for their outstanding contributions in the areas of energy and water efficiency, resilience, and technology achievements; distributed energy; cyber security; and fleet management at federal facilities. The EMPOWER Wall demonstrates a first-of-its-kind smart wall that combines advanced manufacturing, building innovations, and power electronics. The team, including the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, Advanced Manufacturing Office, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, collaborated to develop the wall system that functions as a cooling system for a room that helps to reduce energy use, decrease peak time energy demand, lower energy bills, utilize renewable energy, and maintain occupant comfort.
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