Seven Startups Graduate from Tennessee’s Energy Mentor Network

Seven Tennessee energy startups graduated from the Energy Mentor Network, a rigorous mentorship program that cultivates energy entrepreneurship across the state. Run by the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC) in partnership with Launch Tennessee, the Energy Mentor Network equips promising young companies with the tools and connections to raise capital and scale their businesses to market success.
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How ORNL, DOE Contractors are Growing State Economy

Tennessee's Department of Energy institutions and its contractors are employing more highly educated workers and contributing more to the state's economy, according to a report released Friday.  Most of that impact is felt in East Tennessee, home to the DOE's largest institutions in the state, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Y-12 National Security Complex.
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Innovation districts well-positioned to grow in COVID-inspired virtual world

“In the new, post-COVID-19 world of work, innovation districts are well-positioned to thrive. Not only do they enable serendipity and foster innovation through the intensive co-location of different businesses and organizations, but they also provide flexible, mixed-use office property with underpinning housing and entertainment offers. This makes them resilient and well equipped to grow despite the increase in virtual working.”
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Julie Wagner shares insights on characteristics of successful innovation districts, challenges this region

“I have not travelled in two years,” Julie Wagner, President of The Global Institute on Innovation Districts, told attendees at yesterday’s special meeting of the East Tennessee Economic Council. “I came here because I think you have an important story to tell.”
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Startup Knox Ecosystem Guide Updated for 2021

Startup Knox is excited to share the latest edition of the Startup Knox Ecosystem Guide – updated with new entries for 2021. This guide is an excellent resource for the greater Knoxville region. Click below to download the Guide.
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