ANS Urges Congress to Address Availability of HALEU for Advanced Reactor Fuel

Congress needs to take swift action to build a domestic supply of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) to fuel advanced reactors, the American Nuclear Society declares in a September 14 letter to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
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TVA Creates ‘In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle’ Video Series

The 'In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle Series' was created to engage and inform consumers on the many benefits of EVs. Watch the five-episode series where host Raven Hernandez takes you behind the wheel of five super-charged electric vehicles (EVs) in this high-energy, road-tripping video series.
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Viewpoint: Demonstration AND test reactors: both are necessary for innovation

The impacts of climate change are playing out in real-time all over the world, including in the United States. Oppressive heat domes have blanketed most of the country, severe flooding and storms continue to grow in intensity, and forest fires on the West Coast are ripping through acres of dry land with smoke that can be seen all the way on the East Coast.
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High-Power Wireless Vehicle Charging Technology Licensed by HEVO

DOE's ORNL has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to Brooklyn-based HEVO. The system provides the world’s highest power levels in the smallest package and could one day enable electric vehicles to be charged as they are driven at highway speeds.
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LLNL Achieved a ‘Wright Brothers Moment’ in Nuclear Fusion

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced a key achievement in fusion research on Tuesday. Fusion, the lesser known and opposite reaction to nuclear fission, is when two atoms slam together to form a heavier atom and release energy. It is the way the sun makes energy.
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