University Students Collaborate With Oak Ridge on Cleanup Tools

Five University of Tennessee students are helping design tools for Oak Ridge’s cleanup, continuing a collaboration among the university, EM, and cleanup contractor UCOR to train and develop the future cleanup workforce.
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UTK Filament Tower Still Winning Awards, Showcasing New Technologies

A group of students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville brought their creative know-how together to build the first coreless wound filament tower in North America, and one of the tallest examples of coreless filament winding ever constructed. The 30-foot lattice tower, which featured 3D-printed composite bases and 27 composite components, was awarded the Most Creative Application Award in Design at the American Composites Manufacturers Association Awards in 2020 and was shown at Exhibit Columbus in Columbus, Ind., at its annual fall symposium.
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CNS Cybersecurity Offers Expertise to Local High School

From cracking textbooks open to cracking codes, cybersecurity is entering the halls of secondary education in East Tennessee. In expanding cybersecurity knowledge beyond the sites, CNS Chief Information Security Officer Paul Beckman virtually met with 25 students from Bearden High School’s Cybersecurity 1 class, led by Timothy Cathcart, Ph.D., to present his professional insight in the digital world.
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Hybrid Program for CNC Machining Training Develops Next Gen High-Tech Machinists in the U.S.

A new hybrid program for CNC machining training has been launched, in part, by IACMI, that combines online learning and in-person machine time to deliver fast, engaging, and high-quality education aimed at developing the next generation of high-tech machinists in the United States.
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UT Helps to Protect and Secure New Wave of Manufacturing

The University of Tennessee has joined a new institute aimed at stopping such disruptions: the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII), a $111-million, US Department of Energy (DOE)-backed, public-private partnership led by the University of Texas at San Antonio.
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