Hauling Nuclear Weapons Across the Country?

Nuclear materials couriers might have one of the toughest and most secretive jobs in the transportation industry: hauling nuclear bombs and other dangerous material. The drivers who make up the covert fleet transporting nuclear weapons to locations across the U.S. are operated by the NNSA that is part of the Office of Secure Transportation in DOE.
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ORNL’s Wireless charging – Get on the bus

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers demonstrated their wireless charging technology on an autonomous electric vehicle for the first time in a project with Local Motors.
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ORNL July Story Tips

ORNL released information about a variety of research occurring at the Lab. The July Story Tips contains information about autonomous vehicles, fusion energy, methane production, additive manufacturing, and minimizing utility costs.
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ORNL Licenses Revolutionary AI System to General Motors for Automotive Use

DOE's ORNL has licensed its award-winning artificial intelligence software system, the Multinode Evolutionary Neural Networks for Deep Learning, to General Motors for use in-vehicle technology and design. The AI system, known as MENNDL, uses evolution to design optimal convolutional neural networks – algorithms used by computers to recognize patterns in datasets of text, images or sounds. 
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New Tech Mines Old Batteries to Find Critical Ingredients for Electric Vehicles

Recycling batteries is time-consuming and involves dangerous chemicals. This new process could make it easier—and reduce the amount of mining required to fuel the clean energy economy.
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