Memphis Regional Megasite Lands $5.6B Investment from Ford Motor Company and SK Innovation

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced Ford Motor Company has selected the Memphis Regional Megasite for one of the largest battery and vehicle manufacturing campuses in the U.S. Ford and SK Innovation will invest $5.6 billion to build a 3,600-acre mega campus called Blue Oval City on the Memphis Regional Megasite, where production of next-generation all-electric F-Series trucks will begin in 2025. The project will result in the creation of 5,800 new jobs in West Tennessee.
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TVA Creates ‘In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle’ Video Series

The 'In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle Series' was created to engage and inform consumers on the many benefits of EVs. Watch the five-episode series where host Raven Hernandez takes you behind the wheel of five super-charged electric vehicles (EVs) in this high-energy, road-tripping video series.
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High-Power Wireless Vehicle Charging Technology Licensed by HEVO

DOE's ORNL has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to Brooklyn-based HEVO. The system provides the world’s highest power levels in the smallest package and could one day enable electric vehicles to be charged as they are driven at highway speeds.
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Hauling Nuclear Weapons Across the Country?

Nuclear materials couriers might have one of the toughest and most secretive jobs in the transportation industry: hauling nuclear bombs and other dangerous material. The drivers who make up the covert fleet transporting nuclear weapons to locations across the U.S. are operated by the NNSA that is part of the Office of Secure Transportation in DOE.
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ORNL’s Wireless charging – Get on the bus

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers demonstrated their wireless charging technology on an autonomous electric vehicle for the first time in a project with Local Motors.
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