Source: CNS | Release | March 15, 2018

A RAP member performs a preventive radiological nuclear detection sweep at one of the Super Bowl LII venues displaying all of the Super Bowl rings.

Seven members of the Region 2 Radiological Assistance Program based out of Y-12 recently attended Super Bowl LII. Rather than cheering for their favorite team, however, these members traveled to Minneapolis to assist FBI and other federal, state, and local agencies by performing preventive radiological nuclear detection (PRND) surveys prior to the big game.

Jeff Barroso, RAP Region 2 operations manager, said, “The RAP team is staffed primarily by volunteer members who serve as health physicists, engineers, etc., for their day-to-day jobs. Throughout the year, RAP team members participate in routine training exercises to prepare for PRND deployments. Once or twice a year, they are deployed to large PRND events like the Super Bowl or the Presidential Inauguration. The RAP team stands ready to respond to radiological and nuclear incidents year round on a moment’s notice. The team members take pride in knowing they are contributing to the nation’s security.”