Source: CNS Y-12 Release | July 22, 2015

y-12techtransawards2015Twenty-nine Y‑12 inventors were recognized for their technology and innovation during the recent 11th Annual Technology Transfer Awards. The site has long been producing technologies initially used at Y-12 and later transferred to the private sector.

The patents that were awarded were in areas ranging from nuclear material simulation devices to enhancing the functional performance of machine tools.

The inventors brought forward new ideas that led to nine patents and 23 invention disclosures. The new inventions developed by the honorees will be used to further Y-12’s mission work, as well as be made available to license out to benefit the public through Y-12’s Technology Transfer program.

“Technology Transfer is a way for us to share our Nuclear Enterprise technologies with businesses. It allows us to share the good work of Y-12 and Pantex employees with others to better businesses, communities and the nation,” said Dave Beck, CNS Vice President, Program Integration. “These new ideas showcase the wide range of talent and innovative thinking at both facilities.”

Honorees included Peter Angelo, Edwin Babelay (now retired), William Barkman, Sam Brown, J. D. Bush, Lee Bzorgi, Peggy Campbell, Doug Clark, Amy DeMint, Dwayne Fleury, Jack Gooch (now retired), Russell Hallman, Todd Hawk, Brad Langley, John Leckey, Michael Loveday, Jacob Miller, Alan Moore, Brandon Pehrson, Glenn Pfennigwerth, Louis Powell, Ed Ripley, Shannon Roddy, Roland Seals, Norm Smyrl, Larry Spencer, Ashley Stowe Debra Veach, and Jeff Yokum.

John Leckey, Y-12’s chief scientist, received the Technology Support Award, presented to employees whose efforts go above and beyond the call of duty in contributing to technology promotion and licensing.

“I am honored to be recognized as Y‑12’s 2014 Technology Champion. Over the years, Y-12 innovators and critical thinkers have developed an array of technologies that’ll dramatically change the way we’ll be processing materials in the near future,” he said. “These technologies include everything from microwave melting to additive manufacturing, NDE [non-destructive evaluation] methods for component certification, and information technology solutions for healthcare data. I’ve been an advocate for technology innovation at Y-12 for a long time, but it was really cool to receive my first patent.”

Along with Leckey, six other Y-12 inventors received their first patents. They include Sam Brown, Todd Hawk, Brandon Pehrson, Glenn Pfennigwerth, Larry Spencer and Ashley Stowe.

Five current or recently retired Y-12 inventors hold Golden Acorn Award status, meaning they hold eight or more patents. They are Rusty Hallman (8), Jonathan Morrell (8), Ron Simandl [retired] (12), Ed Ripley (21) and Roland Seals (22).