Source: Atomic City Underground | Frank Munger | May 20, 2016

It’s not always easy to commercialize technologies out of a nuclear weapons plant, but Y-12 gives it a good effort.

As part of that effort, Y-12 recently hosted its annual Technology Transfer Awards ceremony and recognized those employees whose ideas have had an impact at the Oak Ridge plant and beyond.

According to information released by Consolidated Nuclear Security, the government’s Y-12 contractor, there were 13 patents awarded in Fiscal Year 2015 for innovations that ranged from a “wireless sensor for detecting chemical compounds to an apparatus for safeguarding a radiological source.”

Twenty-nine employees were honored at the ceremony for their work, including Peter Angelo, Lee Bzorgi, David Cecala, Paul DeMint, Mark Eisenhauer, Q. Grindstaff, Russell Hallman, Nathaniel Henry, Justin Holland, Neville Howell (retired), Vincent Lamberti, Michael Lovelady, Brad Lyon, David Mee, Jacob Miller, Alan Moore, Jonathan Morrell, Alex Moses, Jeff Parrott, Brandon Pehrson, Louis Powell, Ed Ripley, Shannon Roddy, Roland Seals, Kevin Shay, Rodney Smith, Norm Smyrl, Ashley Stowe and Patrick Thomas II.