Source: Information Age; Recommended by Tom Ballard | April 23, 2019

Website heatmaps and analytics tools can help businesses understand why something is working, and why something is not

Image Credit: WPCurve

Image Credit: WPCurve

Sales tell start-ups if the product or service is selling. But it can’t explain anything other than amount.

Website heatmaps and analytics, on the other hand, answer the “why’s”: providing insight into what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, why.

In a study by Baynote, online merchants listed analysis as the highest priority for customer retention.

The entire purpose of website heatmaps and analytic metrics are for the sole purpose of increasing your bottom line, and start-ups specifically, although they may lack the resources for it, benefit greatly from understanding what areas can be improved.

In previous years, start-ups would never be able to afford the big time data analytics software, but today, there are affordable, self-service analytical tools and heatmaps technology.

However, getting the data is just one part of the equation. Making sense of it is the other. Here are six expert tips around heatmaps and analytics, specifically for start-ups who have limited resources and tight budgets.

Tip #1: How you use the data is what’s important

Getting insightful data is no longer a problem, nor is it costly. Hotjar, for example, offers a free trial period for their website heatmaps analytics which provide detail around the behaviour of website visitors. This insight helps start-ups identify what gets the most attention, areas that can be improved, where to place certain elements, etc., all for the purpose of achieving your marketing purposes.

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