The videos on this page are about Oak Ridge, key federal programs found here as well as some history and maybe a few clips from the Friday morning ETEC meetings.  Newer videos will be added to the top of the page.

Dr. Deb Crawford, Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Tennessee Speaks at ETEC on March 5, 2021

ORNL’s Dr. Thomas Zacharia speaks in an op-ed for the National Council on Competitiveness

“Innovation is the foundation of American prosperity and economic competitiveness.”

Honoring Morgan Smith of CNS Y-12 National Security Complex & Pantex on his Retirement, ETEC Meeting 8.14.20

Speakers: Jim Campbell, Adam DeMella, Eric Abelquist, and Morgan Smith

Tribute to Joe Lenhard
ETEC Board Meeting 7.24.20

Speakers: Johnny Moore and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann