FY 2017 Recap

Pantex and Y-12 completed 59 recapitalization projects during fiscal year 2017 to improve infrastructure, capabilities, and systems. The goal was to reduce risk by, for example, making safety systems more effective.

“Our scope increased two and a half times over the previous year, which made the ramp-up challenging,” said Tom Thrasher, director for the Recapitalization Program. “But thanks to the above-and-beyond efforts by many CNS employees as well as our subcontractors, we were able to do a lot of work to improve our sites.”

Watch the video to see some of the projects.



Y-12 Forms New Part for Future Program Work

Press operator Jackie Mellott and supervisor Keith Sidwell ensure the 3,500-ton press is running smoothly.

Y-12 Fabrication Operations successfully formed a part for a Joint Test Assembly that had not been formed in more than 10 years. JTAs, or mock weapons, provide information from internal sensors and instrumentation that allows scientists and engineers to assess performance and validate the effectiveness of the nuclear stockpile.

The operation required five sets of tooling setups to achieve the final part configuration. The part was produced using the site’s 3,500-ton press, which is essential for meeting future JTA and Life Extension Program work.


Y-12 Hosts Nuclear Security Bootcamp

NNSA employees learn about various nuclear security systems and operations at the Nuclear Security Bootcamp.

Y-12’s Global Security Analysis & Training organization recently hosted a Nuclear Security Bootcamp in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The event, which was designed for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Fellows with a focus on physical protection at Department of Energy sites, included presentations and demonstrations at Y-12 and the Central Training Facility.

Toby Williams of Global Security Analysis & Training said, “Workshops like these provide new NNSA federal employees and NNSA Fellows with a clear explanation and demonstrations of state-of-the-art nuclear security systems and operations, which will help them in their future positions.”