Source: Oak Ridge Today / DOE | June 22, 2020

The U.S. Department of Energy has recently published an updated map of the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) that shows DOE property boundary demarcations for all areas of the ORR, and it is now available to the public.

The updated map is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) product developed using records for land holdings the Department of Energy maintains ownership of. The GIS map provides a depiction of DOE property boundary lines throughout the ORR and can serve as an additional reference for current, or future potential non-DOE landowners to understand DOE property demarcations.

Non-DOE land, home, and commercial business owners must use appropriate county property assessor land records related to their property as the primary and principal official record that delineates property boundaries and complies with all applicable laws and procedures to avoid encroaching upon DOE-owned land. The ORR Boundary Map can be accessed online at