Source: EM Update | Vol. 10, Issue 49; Contributor: David Sheeley | December 18, 2018

EM recently awarded its Oak Ridge Site cleanup contractor nearly $10.7 million for its performance from April 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2018, amounting to 96 percent of the total fee available.

pThe Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM) recently issued its six-month fee determination scorecard for UCOR after completing its evaluation of the contractor. EM releases information relating to contractor fee payments — earned by completing the work called for in the contracts — to further transparency in its cleanup program.

According to the scorecard and OREM’s correspondence to UCOR regarding the fee determination, the contractor received “excellent” ratings for project management and business systems, and regulatory and stakeholder activity; a “good” rating for worker safety, health, and quality management; and “high confidence” for cost and schedule incentive. Indicators such as cost and schedule indexes reflect a contract that performs well


Before and after the Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator demolition at the Oak Ridge Site: The facility treated more than 35 million pounds of waste during its 18 years of operations. Crews completed the project in September.

against a cost and schedule plan.

The contractor had several significant accomplishments, including:

  • Partnering with DOE well in advance to prioritize cleanup of the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP).
  • Developing an innovative approach to remove asbestos-laden transite panels in Building K-633, reducing the time and cost to prepare the building for demolition.
  • Progressing with site preparations for the Outfall 200 Mercury Treatment Facility despite challenging conditions, including an issue involving installation of process and effluent piping.
  • Establishing an independent team to study the feasibility of in-situ decommissioning of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment salt tanks as a cost effective solution that could ensure long-term protection of the environment.
  • Exceeding small business subcontracting goals and recognizing subcontractors for outstanding support in the cleanup.
  • Organizing productive meetings with the City of Oak Ridge to transfer infrastructure at ETTP to the city.

Additionally, UCOR received the National Safety Council 2018 Community Advancement Award, which recognizes organizational commitment to health and safety programs. The contractor also identified a number of opportunities to reuse materials, minimize waste disposal costs, and maximize waste disposal capacity.

OREM also noted opportunities for improvements. UCOR experienced instances of inadequate hazard identification and inconsistent program implementation. Failure of a backup steam turbine for the Central Off-Gas System at Building 3082 temporarily impacted operations of several Oak Ridge National Laboratory facilities and highlighted inadequacies in the availability of critical spare parts. A DOE assessment of the UCOR electrical safety program found numerous safety hazards.

View the scorecard here.