Source: Road Trips and Coffee | Jeff Barnette | August 9, 2019

(Ever longed to be a tourist in your “home town”? Check out this inclusive article on how to experience the rich history in Oak Ridge…)

Find out where to go and how to explore the various historic sites and museums of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Oak Ridge.

Before visiting Oak Ridge for the first time I knew the Manhattan Project was the secret development of atomic bombs. But what I didn’t know was the concept of “secret cities” and revolutionary innovation in science and engineering that went into the project. I learned just a little bit more with each stop through the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

But exploring the national historical park can be confusing. Unlike more traditional national parks with everything located within the bounds of a park, the historic sites and museums of the Manhattan Project NHP are scattered throughout town and some are even located within Department of Energy secure facilities.

This travel guide to the Manhattan Project National Historical Park will help you figure out where to start your exploration in Oak Ridge, the key historical sites to visit, and where you need to go to learn all about the Manhattan Project in the Secret City.

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