If China can crack thorium, it will have clean energy for 20,000 years.

Radioactive_SymbolThe Chinese are running away with thorium energy, giving an edge to a global race for the prize of clean, cheap and safe nuclear power. Good luck to them. They may do us all a favour.

The aim is to break free of the old pressurised-water reactors fuelled by uranium – originally designed for US submarines in the 1950s – in favour of thorium reactors that produce far less toxic waste and cannot blow their tops like Fukushima.

”China is the country to watch,” said Bryony Worthington, head of Britain’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy, who visited the Shanghai operations recently. ”They are really going for it, and have talented researchers. This could lead to a massive break-through.”

The thorium story is by now well known. Enthusiasts believe it could be the transforming technology needed to drive the industrial revolutions of Asia – and to avoid an almighty energy crunch as 2 billion more people climb the ladder to Western lifestyles.

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Source: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard | The Canberra Times | Janury 8, 2013