Source: Power Engineering | Editors | January 24, 2017

Terrestrial Energy USA Ltd. has informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission it plans to license a small modular nuclear reactor in the United States.

The next steps for TEUSA include pre-applications with the NRC this year, and then either a design certification application or a construction permit. The company plans to submit a licensing application in 2019.

The NRC notification included the status of the design, analysis, testing, licensing and project planning for TEUSA’s 400-MW Integral Molten Salt Reactor. Canadian-based Terrestrial Energy had previously announced it was collaborating with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, as well as the University of Manchester in the UK.

We are moving forward with the design and regulatory actions needed to allow the Company to bring the IMSR to market in the 2020s,” said Simon Irish, CEO of TEUSA. “The IMSR’s design choices will result in an Advanced Reactor that delivers clean, cost-competitive and high-grade industrial heat. This capability can serve the many and varied heat requirements of industry, and as well as those of the electric power sector where the IMSR’s dispatchablity will be greatly prized.”

Potential test sites for the company’s first commercial plant include the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls and several sites in the eastern United States.