Tennessee Association of Manufacturers aims to enable cooperation, competitiveness, and profitable growth for all Tennessee manufacturers.

TN_FlagAt an event to recognize members for excellence in manufacturing, Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association (CRMA) President and CEO Tim L. Spires announced the formation of the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers (TAM). Spires told those in attendance that the organization will be in place this summer with a Board of Directors that represents manufacturers across all regions of Tennessee. The group will be open to members that are Manufacturers as well as Associate members that support manufacturing.

The mission of the Association is to enable cooperation, competitiveness, and profitable growth for all Tennessee manufacturers to create an enriched economic future for all citizens of Tennessee. TAM will support its members through all functions of manufacturing with a committee structure that has led to the success of the CRMA. Spires told the group that the formation of TAM is a result of requests from manufacturers across the state. “They have asked us to support them in the same way that has been enjoyed in our region. With our single focus on manufacturing, we feel we have the knowledge and experience to do that,” Spires said. He also added that “We feel it is important to cooperate in this endeavor with all parties across the state which includes Chambers, Industry Groups, as well Government to help our manufacturing sector to be competitive and grow.”

According to Dan Nuckolls, the Immediate Past Board Chair of CRMA, “We recognize the need to reach out beyond our current territory in southeast Tennessee. We want to provide services and support to all manufacturers across the state that we have enjoyed and helped us to be successful in our region. Growing the organization to a statewide level also benefits us by having a unified manufacturing voice in Nashville as well as helping us to compete with neighboring states that all have statewide associations.”

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Source: Tim Spires | Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association | April 25, 2013