According to recent research, women earn as little as two-thirds as much money as men do to perform the same job in some industries.

Women continue to struggle for equal pay in the workplace. For at least two decades, they have earned 80% of the wages of men doing equivalent jobs. That should be a shock to most people, since the feminist movement is several decades old. Sadly though, the financial gains that women have made have eroded in recent years.

Ten Industries Where Women Earn Less Than Men:

People_Button10. Retail Trade
9. Wholesale Trade
8. Public Administration
7. Information
6. Utilities
5. Durable Goods
4. Nondurable Goods
3. Health Care and Social Assistance
2. Professional and Technical Services
1. Finance and Insurance

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Source: Douglas A. McIntyre, Michael B. Sauter, and Ashley C. Allen | The Atlantic