Source: Safety Fest | Release | August 24, 2017

On September 13-14, Safety Fest TN will feature the “Secret City” Fire Department Conference at the Y-12 New Hope Center in Oak Ridge. The conference, which is sponsored by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fire Department, the Y-12 Fire Department, and the City of Oak Ridge Fire Department, is open to all Tennessee fire department personnel and the public.

The event will feature two keynote speakers. On September 13, Dr. Chuck Carringer, former Oak Ridge educator, will begin the morning session by speaking on “Next Level Leadership: Developing Leaders and Teams.” This workshop will focus on developing leaders at every organizational level, and helping employees advance in both leadership and performance outcomes.

That afternoon, Donnell Campbell, training chief for Cobb County Fire and Emergency, and Randy Crider, fire chief for Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services, will present “Courageous Conversations.” This workshop will reveal an innovative and successful approach to working with challenging subjects through conflict resolution and diversity. Participants will learn how to initiate courageous conversations that help enable successful teamwork. This approach can bridge gaps between differences to find common ground or foster reconciliation.

On September 14, J. Curt Varone, author of “Legal Considerations for Fire and Emergency Services” and former fire officer, will begin the morning session with “Digital Media and Social Media Challenges: How Firefighters and Officers are Getting into Trouble with Cell Phones and Facebook.”

After lunch, Chief Varone will speak on “Disciplinary Challenges in the Fire Service.” This workshop will include case studies from today’s headlines that will educate and entertain attendees.

The “Secret City” Fire Department Conference is free but registration is required to ensure there is enough space. Many classes, sessions and demonstrations fill-up. Register at <> .

For more information, contact Jenny Freeman.