Roane State is proud to offer the opportunity to take several training courses developed for online learning. These classes are currently available at no cost to you on a first-come-first-served basis.

Here is an overview of these classes:

  • In Business…It’s All About the Money – Many businesses fail. Understanding business finances can help you beat the odds. Topics covered include personal finances, how businesses make money, cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, the difference between cash and profit and balance sheet basics. Register at
  • Financial Management for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses (Your Business, Your Money) – The purpose of the training is to help current small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as future ones, to gain the skills needed to prepare and implement a business plan, operate a business from a financial perspective and engage with their peers in solving business problems, particularly those related to COVID-19. This course includes Personal Finance, Cash Flow, Legal Structures and Accounting, and Taxes and Starting Your Business. Register at
  • Roane State “Maker Space Package” – The Maker Space package will allow participants completing four of the Financial Management courses above, or other similarly targeted Roane State curriculum, to have access to Roane State’s Maker’s Space at the Cumberland County Campus. The Maker Space provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with access to tools, software, space and mentors to make virtually anything. Tools include a woodworking shop with a 3D CNC wood router, 3D printers, laser cutter/engraver, vinyl cutter and heat press, and computer design workstations. The tools can be used to produce products and/or “logo” items to market/promote a business.  Contact Bonnie Moedano at 931-456-4910 for more information.

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