For Republicans hoping to unseat Obama, Solyndra has become a code word for his handling of the economy.

GOP_ElephantIf you want a window into how outside Republican groups are likely to assail President Barack Obama’s record this year, look no further than how the GOP is lambasting the administration’s handling of solar company Solyndra.

Republicans have used Obama’s ties to the bankrupt California manufacturer to argue that he plays the same political games that have consumed Washington for generations — and has failed to live up to promises to change the nation’s capital. It’s the message GOP-leaning outside groups are promoting in advertising campaigns in states critical to the Democrat’s re-election race.

“Tell President Obama American workers aren’t pawns in your political games,” says one ad run by Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group linked to billionaire oil industry executives Charles and David Koch.

Such ads were among the warning signs the Obama campaign saw before it decided to encourage its donors to financially support a Democratic-leaning super PAC, Priorities USA. The announcement came as outside groups supporting Republican Mitt Romney heaped criticism on rival Newt Gingrich before the Iowa caucuses and in early primary states, a preview of what could confront Obama once the GOP primaries are settled.

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Source: Associated Press | The Washington Post