A new study finds fault with the assumption that each unit of energy supplied by non-fossil fuel sources takes the place of one unit of energy supplied by fossil fuel sources.

Green_World_Lightbulb_Small_CroppedA study from the University of Oregon and published in the journal Nature Climate Change is challenging conventional thinking that renewable energy sources may one day replace fossil fuels.

Sociologist Richard York studied the use of electricity from fossil fuels and alternative sources in 130 countries during the past half century. He discovered that rather than replacing fossil fuels, the alternative energy sources barely outpaced rising demand in the past 50 years.

York shows that the average pattern across most nations of the world over the past fifty years is one where each unit of total national energy use from non-fossil-fuel sources displaced less than one-quarter of a unit of fossil-fuel energy use. And the study shows that focusing specifically on electricity, each unit of electricity generated by alternative sources displaced less than one-tenth of a unit of fossil-fuel-generated electricity.

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Source: GLOBE-Net | EnvironmentalExpert.com