Source: Y-12 News Blog | October 16, 2019

Y-12’s Early Career Group receives advice from three members of the CNS Executive Leadership Team (Linda Bauer, Bill Tindal, and Dave Beck).

Y-12’s Early Career Group sponsored a professional development panel, “Pathway to Success.” The panel discussion featured CNS Vice Presidents Linda Bauer, Dave Beck, and Bill Tindal.

The executive leadership team members shared insights about their career paths with the attendees. Some question topics included their defining career moment, how to successfully navigate roadblocks, creating career goals and advice they would give to their early career selves.

When asked about traits and skills for success, Bauer suggested keeping your cool under pressure, be a team player, and be willing to work as hard as you’re asking others to work.

One solid piece of advice from Tindal was to treat your current job like a serious relationship: “Don’t cheat on your job.” He made the point that you should be forward-thinking and work on bettering yourself and your skills but to never lose focus on your current position.

Beck shared some advice on creating measurable goals and how to be accountable for them. He suggested you ask yourself, “What can I do next year that will make a difference in 100 years?”

Panel attendee Josh Patterson, who works in Projects, said he felt fortunate to participate and gain valuable insight from the panel speakers. He mirrored their comments, saying, “During your early career you can sometimes get caught in the ‘churn’ and feel like the work you’re doing isn’t making a difference. But it does matter now, and it will matter in 100 years.”