Y-12 Honored with DOE Sustainability Awards

DOE recently awarded two 2020 Sustainability Awards to Y-12 National Security Complex. Jim Donnelly from the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Production Office (NPO) was honored with the Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award. The second award for an innovative approach to sustainability was given to a team that found a new paving method to increase parking lot space for the Uranium Processing Facility Project workforce while minimizing storm runoff and decreasing the amount of asphalt waste.

Y-12, Pantex Receive Excellence Awards

Consolidated Nuclear Security Chief Operating Officer Bill Tindal praised nine teams for “their tremendous contributions in our path toward mission excellence." This lofty praise is directed to the winners of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations (NA-50) Excellence Awards. This year’s awards recognized five Y-12 teams, three Pantex teams, and one team from both sites for their exceptional accomplishments during 2019. These award-winning teams were recognized for outstanding endeavors involving innovation, effectiveness, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and enabling future success. The nine awards this year included quickly replacing storm-damaged roofs at Pantex, replacing fire suppression systems at Y-12, using a system to provide the most accurate deferred maintenance, and replacement plant value data for both sites.

NNSA is Learning How to “Bake a Cake” for Y-12’s Lithium Processing Facility

Source: NNSA | Release | October 15, 2020

The science behind baking a cake is at work at NNSA’s Y-12 National Security Complex. Homogenization technology developed by scientists and engineers at Y-12 involves a large oven and the mixing of ingredients – lithium materials in this case. When the ingredients are baked in the oven, […]

Process to Recover Metals from Batteries Licensed by Momentum Technologies

Momentum Technologies Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based materials science company that is focused on extracting critical metals from electronic waste, has licensed an Oak Ridge National Laboratory process for recovering cobalt and other metals from spent lithium-ion batteries.

DENSO Awards $100K to RSCC Program

Roane State Community College has been awarded a $100,000 grant from DENSO, a leading mobility supplier. The grant will be used to increase skills training for mechatronics students and recruit minorities for the college’s growing mechatronics program.