LIMA — The Ohio Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Center had a chance this week to return the favor of hosting.
Officials with the Department of Energy’s National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., visited Lima, meeting with the group from the OEAMC, Husky Lima Refinery, Ford Lima Engine Plant, Trinity Motor Sports’ carbon fiber lab, General Dynamics and Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, the American Trim manufacturing plant in Sidney and the American Trim Product Center and research and development labs in Lima.
A delegation from the OEAMC and Lima had visited Oak Ridge in March to learn about the technology there and explore partnerships between the two. During the two-day tour of Lima, representatives of both facilities discussed potential joint venture opportunities between the organizations, said Judith Cowan, president of the OEAMC. The group from the energy laboratory included Dr. Craig A. Blue, director of energy materials; Dr. Alan L. Liby, deputy director of the Energy Materials Program; and Dr. William H. Peter, of the Material Processing & Titanium Division of the Oak Ridge labs.


Source: The Lima News | Heather Rutz