Obama calls for increased funding for education, arguing the United States needs a better-educated workforce to ensure it remains economically competitive.

Stack-of-BooksThe Obama administration is pushing for a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law by the end of the year, as well as increased funding for education in the 2012 federal budget. It’s unclear if either goal will be accomplished; Republicans in Congress are trying to cut funding in education and other programs for the rest of the 2011 budget and have given little indication they would support increased money in the near future.

And No Child Left Behind, the federal education law that passed with support from both Democrats and Republicans in 2002, has not been embraced by some of the new conservative members of Congress, who argue it has given the federal government too large of a role in education policy.

Defending his goal to increase education spending as many in Washington focus on the budget deficit, Obama says, “There’s nothing responsible about cutting back on investments in these young people.”

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Source: Perry Bacon Jr. | The Washington Post