Source: DVIDS | Maj. Ryan Donald | February 19, 2016

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. — Two teams from the 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) Command conducted training at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Feb. 1-5.

The two Nuclear Disablement Teams (NDT) conducted nuclear infrastructure and assessment training and trained on specific aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle at Oak Ridge. In addition to exercising individual skills and equipment capabilities, both teams used the training to test and refine the concept of operations.

Additionally, the NDT utilized the Department of Energy (DOE) Triage for isotope verification and also transported samples to the Mobile Uranium Facility. This training detailed paid off with immediate improvements upon an array of critical tasks.

This marks the second major training event of the fiscal year 2016 for the NDTs; it was used to integrate new arrivals into the small teams.

Ltc. Jeff Kyburz, NDT-1 Team chief, was impressed with the effectiveness of his young team.

“Despite being newly formed, NDT-1 showed its professionalism and capabilities this week. Each member of the team took on tasks with adaptability, patience, and maximum effort. The true success of the week was how well the team worked together and excelled at nuclear characterization,” said Kyburz.

In March, the NDTs will participate in an interagency exercise which will exercise their ability to support the National Technical Nuclear Forensic (NTNF) mission in support of the FBI and the DOE. In June, the NDTs will also conduct training at the Savannah River National Lab.

An NDT consists of eleven Soldiers who possess specialized commercial off the shelf radiological equipment, and many of the Soldiers have advanced technical degrees. The NDT’s mission focuses on the characterization and exploitation of the nuclear fuel cycle on an industrial level to provide critical intelligence estimates and detailed assessments level to provide critical intelligence estimates and detailed assessments to the intelligence community. This specialized capability inside the 20th CBRNE Command is a unique asset within the Army and the Department of Defense.