Source: NNSA | May 6, 2019

Today the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is releasing its Strategic Vision, Governance & Management (G&M) Framework, and Strategic Integrated Roadmap to guide efforts across the nuclear security enterprise. NNSA is busier than it has been since the end of the Cold War, and these three documents will ensure that our enterprise of over 40,000 employees has a common vision and an integrated approach to strengthening the Nation’s nuclear security.

Here’s what these documents are about:

  • NNSA’s Strategic Vision shares desired outcomes for the future and demonstrates its responsiveness to the Nation’s nuclear security and strategic defense needs.
  • The Governance & Management Framework outlines how NNSA staff and management will work together with a common purpose to achieve its priorities and goals.
  • The Strategic Integrated Road Map shows NNSA’s path to achieving its goals now and into the future.

NNSA is committed to building enduring partnerships, both internal and external, by developing common understandings through direct communication across the enterprise about our mission, our roles, and responsibilities.