The United States House of Representatives declared December 3, 2017, as the “National Day of 3D Printing.” The House recognizes the economic impact of 3D printing and the positive implications of 3D printing for the United States advanced manufacturing sector and encourages the promotion and celebration of this technology.

Click here to read the official resolution.

From the National Awareness Days website comes more explantion:

3D Printing Day3D Printing Day – 30 years on from the invention of the first 3D printer, international 3D printing day was created on the appropriately selected 3 December (3D).  This day strives to create awareness, educate and get people involved with the 3D industry.  In recent years 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), has created new opportunities and paved the way for exiting innovative ideas.

“Your hamster needs a new kidney?”  No problem, in 2002 scientists engineered a miniature, fully functional kidney that was able to ­filter blood and produce diluted urine in an animal.  Further research has now lead to clinical implementation in human subjects … an exciting prospect within the medical industry.

The first 3D printed prosthetic was then produced in 2008 and sparked a process which created more affordable prosthetics for thousands of people.  In 2015, Alex aged 8, even received his prosthetic arm from ‘Iron Man’ himself, aka Robert Downy Jr.  check out the video here.

In 2014, NASA propelled the first 3D printer into space which now floats aboard the International Space Station, creating an on-demand manufacturing shop in space.

And in 2017, ‘RocketLab’ 3D printed almost all of the components used to build a space rocket which was successfully launched into orbit.   Something huge for future space exploration.

So, what is the latest innovation within the 3D industry?  Well 3D Print Works a UK based filament manufacturer have developed a biodegradable support filament which dissolves in water.  This allows for the creation of complex 3D printed designs.  Its no mess and clean printing properties have sparked huge interest within the 3D industry.