Qatar’s industrial vision 

Qatar-West-Bay-viewEnergy revenues have helped laying a solid economic foundation in Qatar. Realizing this The State of Qatar is committed to provide adequate pro investment climate measuring up to the expectations of private national and foreign industrial investments. In an effort to establish a solid national industrial base apart from oil revenues, as the sole source of income, and import of industrial products, the state has adopted an ambitious income diversification policy.

The development of industry and encouragement of investments are two major levers towards the optimum utilization of natural resources given the fact that industrialization plays a key role in overall economic development as it is capable of creating better chances for the country’s integration with the international economic system through injecting more national and foreign investments into the industrial sector.

Similar attention has been given to the national private sector investments and increasing its stakes in industrial investments which represent some of the basic principles of industrial development and investment, while expanding privatization processes, namely in the industrial sector. This would have positive impact on industrial development of and investment, diversification of the production structure, and achieving balanced and stable growth rates.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry hopes to secure the country’s prosperity through the establishment of ultra-modern infrastructures capable of servicing and responding to the country’s changing needs and future challenges.

Ministry In Brief

Qatar, under the farsighted leadership and vision of H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir and H.H. Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Heir Apparent, has made great achievements in an astonishingly short time.

Oil revenues have been optimally employed in laying out solid foundations for the development of oil and gas and other basic industrial sectors, and the establishment of ultra modern infrastructures capable of servicing national industries, and responding to their changing needs and future challenges.

Ministry of Energy & Industry consists of Departments, individually managed by Director:

  • The Department of Industrial Development located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.
  • The Department of Industrial Estates, located at the new Industrial Area.
  • The Department  of Management common services located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.
  • The Department of Energy located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.
  • The Unit of Public Relations and Communication located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.
  • The Unit of The Internal Audit located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.
  • The Unit of Legal Affairs located City Tower, West Bay, Doha.

Vision & Target


Building solid indsutrial foundations to achieve balanced economic growth apart from oil revenues, as a single income source, and substitution of industrial products imports.
Diversifiying national income sources and increasing the industrial sector’s contribution to gross domestic product.


Based on its pivotal role in the industrial development process, and to achieve the above vision, the Ministry has identified a set of goals to arrive at the promising industrial development, the most important of which are:

  • Development and support of industrial ventures in a way that helps diversify national income sources.
  • Endeavour to diversify income sources.
  • Maximizing value addition of intermediate materials.
  • Encouraging private sector to increase its contribution to the industrial development.
  • Increasing the manufacturing industries’ sector contribution to Gross Domestic Product GDP.
  • Encouraging, support and development of clean and energy intensive industries.
  • Strengthening integration between oil and gas sector and manufacturing sector, and other economic sectors.
  • Achieving maximum integration between operating manufacturing projects.