Source:  MCLinc | Release | October 1, 2018

MCLinc has purchased a 41,000-square-foot facility located on Mitchell Road in Oak Ridge where it will move its new lab and headquarters in early 2019 after remodeling a portion of the facility for laboratory use.

The building will include a new laboratory and office space, along with approximately 16,000-square-feet of space that will be rented to other tenants.

“While our original plan was to build a new laboratory in Horizon Center, time constraints of construction of the facility made it necessary for us to look at other opportunities,” said Barry Stephenson, MCLinc president and CEO. “We are committed to our employees and to the community of Oak Ridge where we have operated for the past 20 years, and we’re excited about what the future holds as we expand our laboratory and staff.”

In addition to saving 20 current positions with the move, MCLinc forecasts adding 26 new positions during the first five years of operations in its new facility.

For two decades, the employee owners of MCLinc, an applied research company that provides environmental, chemical process optimization and industrial forensics consulting and analytical testing services, have turned the old, on-site laboratory at K-25 into a successful company, becoming one of Oak Ridge’s most active corporate citizens.

MCLinc, a former Department of Energy Environmental (DOE) User Facility, began its commercial business in 1998 as part of DOE’s reindustrialization program.  The company provides consultation and testing services in industrial forensics, materials characterization, bench-scale studies, and specialty environmental chemistry to private industry, university and federal clients. MCLinc’ s unique laboratory facilities, combined with their experienced technical staff, has given them the ability to work with hazardous, radioactive and classified materials.

MCLinc is an active partner in the community and supports many programs including Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club of the Clinch Valley, CASA, ADFAC, Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, Emory Valley Center, Roane Imagination Library and Girls, Inc. McLinc employees are also active in many local community activities such as ETEBA, Rotary Club of Oak Ridge, ETEC, the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce, Roane Alliance, Roane County Chamber of Commerce, Oak Ridge Public School Education Foundation, Roane State Foundation. Stephenson has also served as the past president of the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge and the past chairman of ETEC.

Moving Plans

We’ve been asked how much “downtime” our customers should anticipate while the laboratory is being moved. Our plan is to maintain analysis capability in the current building while laboratories are being completed in the new building. In many cases we have at least two instruments for an analysis. One will be moved to the new building and placed into operation prior to shutting down the instrument in MCLinc’s current building. In cases where MCLinc has only one instrument or analysis set-up, we anticipate a minimal downtime of a few days to a week while the instrument is being moved. In all cases, we will keep you informed about moving schedules and work with you to minimize impacts on your work schedule. Your needs will drive our actions. Better services for our customers is the key to gaining more business for MCLinc.