Imagine driving from Chicago to New Orleans, or Atlanta, or New York City, on a single tank of gas. Imagine driving 900 miles with your traditional, gas-powered engine. Tessa Baughman, the energy engineer for the Chevy Cruze diesel, did that on her Cruze Turbo Diesel.

Sure, at 46 mpg on the highway the Cruze Diesel gets the industry-best mileage of any non-hybrid vehicle in America, reports But Baughman employed some other tricks that can lead to savings for any vehicle, regardless of fuel, engine make or model design.

Baughman drove 5 mph below the speed limit. The Cruze employs several eco features that improve aerodynamics, like a belly pan that reduces turbulence and drag, a grille that closes at high speeds, and low-rolling-resistance tires. The automatic transmission didn’t seem to hurt mileage, either.

Source: Robert Duffer | Chicago Tribune