Source: Knoxville News Sentinel | | May 30, 2019

John McNeely, President/CEO of Sword & Shield Enterprise

John McNeely, President/CEO of Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc., opens the EDGE Security Conference Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza in Downtown Knoxville. (Photo: MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

Knoxville-based cybersecurity firm Sword & Shield Enterprise Security has been acquired by growth equity firm Sunstone Partners, which is merging multiple companies to create Avertium.

The acquisition, announced Thursday, was made in March, according to John McNeely, who served as president and CEO of Sword & Shield Enterprise Security and will now serve as general manager for Avertium’s east operations.

Avertium, which was also formed from Terra Verde of Phoenix, Arizona, and TruShield of Reston, Virginia, has more than 160 employees, including 65 who worked for Sword & Shield Enterprise Security.

The company will focus on cybersecurity and will contain both east operations in Knoxville and west operations in Phoenix along with an office in Reston, Virginia.

Jeff Schmidt, of Atlanta, will lead the company as CEO, according to a media release.

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