Denise Kiernan, author of the book Girls of the Atomic City, received a Muddy Boot Award at the ETEC Meeting held on Friday, January 9, 2015.

IMG_5143asfMs. Kiernan was surprised, honored and pleased when Thom Mason, Directory of Oak Ridge National Laboratory,  presented her with a Muddy Boot Award.

During the ETEC meeting Denise spoke of the many positive results coming from her way since the publication of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Best Selling book, The Girls of Atomic City, in 2013. She announced its publication in six foreign languages, the sale of the television rights to Sony Pictures Television, a documentary film she is preparing and generally made the ETEC morning audience aware of the tremendous interest in Oak Ridge the book has generated.

She also gave an update from her perspective on the Manhattan Project National Historical Park and the huge impact she expects to see with regard to Heritage Tourism in Oak Ridge. Ray Smith introduced Denise as Oak Ridge’s best Ambassador and she proved him correct when she spoke with such enthusiasm and excitement for even more good things to come to Oak Ridge from The Girls of Atomic City and the national park!

To learn more about Denise Kiernan, visit ETEC’s calendar page here.