Source: IIa | Release | July 7, 2016

Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa) announced that it has been appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. The appraisal was performed by the Acme Process Group.  IIa, an information and knowledge management company has focused on delivering quality services since founded by Bonnie C. Carroll in 1988.

Deborah York, VP for Quality and Culture, who led the CMMI effort says: “Our Quality Program is an essential part of the IIa culture and considered a key discriminator for IIa in the competitive federal government marketplace.”

IIa CEO Carroll adds: “We are pleased to add CMMI to our continued commitment to providing quality products and services to our customers. IIa also has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 20000:2011 certifications for our quality management systems.”

From its headquarters in Oak Ridge, TN, IIa manages contracts with the DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information and Oak Ridge National Laboratory; the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, OH, and the United Kingdom.

In the National Capital Region, IIa holds contracts with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Department of Defense Technical Information Center in Ft. Belvoir, VA; the Army Corps of Engineers Research Laboratories in Vicksburg, MS; and others in the intelligence community.  IIa also manages a federal government interagency consortium of 13 major scientific and technical program offices.

CMMI® is a capability improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance. The CMMI® Institute, a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, is dedicated to elevating organizational performance through best-in-class solutions to real-world challenges. The capability improvement model helps create high-performance, high maturity cultures. The model is used in thousands of organizations worldwide to deliver business results that serve as differentiators in the global market.