Source: Forbes | Forbes Technology Council | September 22, 2016

Student trying to counter a cyber-attack at the National engineering elite school of Bretagne-Sud cybersecurity center in Vannes, western France. (FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

Cybersecurity best practices are continuously evolving as new threats emerge and new methods to keep your data safe are developed.

To stay ahead of the game, technology experts recommend constant learning, paying someone to expose your security flaws, and exploring new approaches to protect your network. Here, seven technology executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their top recommendations for businesses trying to stay on top of best practices in cybersecurity.

1. Always Keep Learning 

Much like many other aspects of the technology business, cybersecurity best practices are constantly evolving as new threats emerge. Someone on your team has to take responsibility for keeping up with best practices as well as implementation. Remember that there is no one solution that will solve all of your cybersecurity needs. Always seek best-of-breed solutions to solve specific problems. – Tim MaliyilAlertBoot 

2. Learn From The Mistakes Of Others 

The best way to stay on top of developing best practices in cybersecurity is to constantly be reading the latest news on it and learning from the mistakes of others. Fortunately, it is becoming more common for information on compromised sites to be published online and used as examples in security white papers. Take advantage of this offered information and learn from others’ mistakes.  – Chris Kirby, 

3. Expose Your Security Flaws 

Do penetration tests. By hiring an external company to break your system and expose your security flaws, it forces you to take action. It is their job to find flaws in your security system, so they will use the most advanced techniques to break in. This can help raise the bar on the security practices within your organization. – Paulo MarquesFeedzai 

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