If the House gets its way, the pay freeze isn’t thawing anytime soon for federal workers.

Money_TreeThe House voted 309-117 to extend the salary freeze for federal workers – as well as for members of Congress – for one more year. The standard salary for a member of Congress has stayed at $174,000 since 2009.

The House’s move puts them on a collision course with the White House, where President Barack Obama has called for a .5 percent pay increase for federal workers starting next year. The bill now heads to the Senate, where its prospects are unclear.

But Wednesday’s largely bipartisan vote could help the GOP’s push to include a pay freeze in the payroll tax cut negotiations. The measure would save about $26 billion, and Republicans want the pay freeze to help pay for other proposals in the package.

To boost support for the bill before Wednesday’s vote, Republicans seized on a report from the Congressional Budget Office that showed federal workers are compensated 16 percent better than comparable employees in the private sector.

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Source: Seung Min Kim | POLITICO