“Every job created contributes to a recovering economy,” said Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Karla Davis.

TN_FlagNASHVILLE – According to two new reports, green jobs in Tennessee are growing and will continue to provide job opportunities for workers in Tennessee. The studies, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, identify the number of green jobs in Tennessee in 2010, expected vacancies in the companies surveyed, and additional jobs created through 2014 by Tennessee’s $5.5 billion in investments in the green economy.

The Business and Economic Research Center (BERC) at Middle Tennessee State University partnered with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to produce a study that examines the economic impact of six industries in the state that have invested in green energy and will create new jobs in Tennessee in the next three years. The publication is titled “Green Jobs in Tennessee: Economic Impact of Selected Green Investments in Tennessee.”

The industries in the BERC study include Hemlock Semiconductor; Wacker Chemie AG; Volkswagen; Nissan Leaf and Storage Battery Manufacturing; Tennessee Solar Institute and West Tennessee Solar Farm; and eTec Battery Charging Stations. The analysis addressed where these industries would be classified within the national and local green activity frameworks, how many jobs would be created as a result of these investments, and what occupations are associated with these green investments.

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Source: Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development