Scientific research and entrepreneurship in clean energy are alive and well at the ARPA-E Summit.

ARPA-EThe ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, held this week and organized by the ARPA-E agency, brings together the movers and shakers in clean-energy technologies who are trying to take inventions from research labs and make them viable commercial products.

So far, no startups which received grants have gone on to become a Google or Apple of green tech. But ARPA-E, which operates with a $180 million budget this year, has had a big impact on entrepreneurship by setting a high bar for technical performance and asking technologists to think big.

Here’s a snapshot of impressions from this year’s conference, the third since the ARPA-E agency was created in 2009:

  • It’s all about the research.
  • Entrepreneurs are getting smarter.
  • Computing and info tech play a huge role in clean energy.
  • Big companies are required.
  • Lots of promise, but funding uncertain.

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Source: Martin LaMonica | CNET
Image: Advacned Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)