Discussions come a day after the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog said it was close to reaching an agreement with Tehran that would open up Iran’s most secretive nuclear facilities to U.N. inspection.

Double_GlobesBAGHDAD — World powers began a fresh round of talks with Iran amid hopes of progress toward a deal on Tehran’s disputed nuclear program that could help lift the threat of war hanging over the Middle East.

Western officials said the six-nation group meeting here — comprising the United States, Russia, China, France Britain and Germany — plans to put forward a detailed proposal containing confidence-building measures that will enable Iran to demonstrate that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, and not aimed at acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Officials were expected to press Iran to accept strict curbs on its nuclear activities during the negotiations, which many diplomats and security experts see as a last chance to stave off a military confrontation.

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Source: Liz Sly and Joby Warrick | The Washington Post