A Washington, D.C. court recently upheld current Federal Election Commission restrictions on election contribution by federal contractors.

Piggy_Bank_with_ShadowThree federal contractors sued the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in October, calling unconstitutional statute 441c that prohibits federal contractors from donating to candidates, political committees and political parties in federal elections. The recent ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia blocked the plaintiffs from temporarily being allowed to contribute in elections, while awaiting a final court verdict.

“The ban on such guards against “pay-to-play” arrangements, in which people seeking federal contracts provide financial support to political candidates in return for their help securing government business. It also protects such contractors from pressure to contribute or risk losing their work,” Judge James Boasberg wrote in the court’s opinion.

The contractors Wendy Wagner, Lawrence Brown and Jan Miller claim the statute is a violation of their First and Fifth Amendment rights and want to have the ban removed so that they can donate freely to candidates, as previously reported.

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Source: Rachel Leven | The Hill