Some House Republicans probing the Solyndra loan guarantee have more broadly attacked the federal financing of green energy.

Dollar_Sign_PlugSen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the top Republican on the Senate’s energy committee, is fearful that the controversy over the collapse of the solar company Solyndra could bring down the Energy Department clean energy loan guarantee program.

“I am concerned about where we are with the loan guarantee program right now, and that there may be an effort to just kind of pull the plug out from underneath all of it. I don’t want to see that happen,” Murkowski said at a forum hosted by The Atlantic magazine.

Murkowski, who called Solyndra a “horrible failure,” also made the case for loan guarantees.

“The loan guarantee program is something that I supported and I still support the loan guarantees and a federal role, to a certain extent, when we are trying to build out and help accommodate . . . different industries, whether it is in nuclear or whether it is in the area of renewables,” Murkowski said.

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Source: Ben Geman | The Hill