In addition to announcing management changes, the company announced it was revising its 2012 Adjusted EBITDA as a result of continued slowdown in shipments in both the government and commercial businesses.

EnergySolutionsThe Board of Directors of EnergySolutions, Inc., a leading provider of services to the global nuclear industry, announced that it has appointed David Lockwood, a seasoned operating executive and current Board member, as Chief Executive Officer and President of the company. Mr. Lockwood succeeds Val John Christensen, who will remain a strategic advisor to the company. The change is effective immediately. Mr. Lockwood has served as a member of the company’s Board of Directors since November 3, 2010, and will continue to serve on the Board.

EnergySolutions has also appointed Greg Wood as its new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Wood succeeds William R. Benz.

“The Board determined that the time is right for new leadership, so that the company is positioned to take advantage of its full long-term potential in a changing industry environment,” said Steven R. Rogel, Chairman, EnergySolutions. “As the Board discussed its requirements for a new CEO, it became obvious that we already had an ideal candidate sitting on the Board. We are confident that David Lockwood and Greg Wood bring the experience and background to successfully lead the company forward and build upon the company’s deep industry experience and market-leading position to deliver value for shareholders and customers.

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Source: EnergySolutions
Image: EnergySolutions