Source: WVLT News Channel 8, Knoxville | Anne Brock  |July 19, 2019

ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia visits Robertsville Middle School students who are working to become the first middle schoolers to prepare a cubesat for space with NASA.

East Tennessee’s connection to space exploration is continuing with the next generation. Robertsville students are making progress to become the first middle school in the nation to send a cubesat into space. A cubesat is a miniature satellite used for space research.

Students are in the final stages of progression from using 3-D printed plastic prototypes to working with space-age materials. The Robertsville Rams’ so-called Ramsat will help study regrowth of forests in the Smokies from space.

The student group, mentored by professionals at nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory, are awaiting word from NASA on which launch would send up their cubesat as secondary payload to the International Space Station.

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