Source: DOE | October 21, 2016

rceie-cover-choice-volume-1-180-smU.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is releasing the first volume of a two volume report entitled, “Exploring Regional Opportunities in the U.S. for Clean Energy Technology Innovation.” The report can be found on DOE’s website at:

Volume I of this report summarizes the results of 14 university-hosted regional forums (from April through September 2016) that DOE participated in on regional clean energy innovation.

Volume II will be a compilation of the reports written and produced by the individual universities. The views expressed in these reports represent the views of the participants in the events and do not necessarily represent the views of the Department or the Administration.

These events drew participation from a broad spectrum of stakeholders – including private sector energy innovators and large industries, university leadership and academic experts, Members of Congress, governors, other federal, state, tribal and local officials, and DOE National Lab and program officials – to examine ongoing initiatives and potential pathways for regionally-focused clean energy technology innovation.