Source: PR Newswire | April 21, 2015

ESA Executive Director Joins Biden, Moniz in Philadelphia for Rollout of Quadrennial Energy Review…

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) commends the Department of Energy for highlighting energy storage as a critical piece of our energy infrastructure.  With today’s release of the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER), the Administration is laying the foundation for a multi-billion dollar investment in more resilient and dynamic grid assets like energy storage systems.

The first-ever quadrennial energy review – initiated by President Obama in 2014 – identifies numerous facets of our energy transmission and distribution system in need of immediate improvement, and highlights different solutions to address these challenges and vulnerabilities.

“We applaud the DOE and the White House for their focus on addressing critical infrastructure needs in the nation’s energy grid,” said Matt Roberts, Executive Director of the ESA. “We worked closely with DOE to develop impactful proposals that would leverage energy storage systems and many of these recommendations are reflected in the final report.”

The first edition of the QER focuses on transmission and delivery systems in our energy infrastructure. Energy storage was integrated into the DOE’s review as a critical asset that increases flexibility, allows for greater renewable integration, and creates a more resilient energy grid.

One of the key recommendations in the document is to establish a framework and strategy for storage adoption and flexibility, and developing fair and competitive market structures for new services and technologies like energy storage.

ESA joined Vice President Biden and Secretary of Energy Moniz at the announcement of the QER release inPhiladelphia today. During the event, Matt Roberts said that “ESA looks forward to working with DOE and Congress to craft legislation that reflects these policy ideas, codifying the importance of including energy storage in every aspect of our nation’s energy system.”

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