Source: Knoxville News Sentinel | Brittany Crocker | January 17, 2018

Oak Ridge Environmental Management office’s Uranium-233 contract has been modified to allow the contractor to participate in a medical research arrangement, according to the office.

A third-party medical company, whose name has not been disclosed, will extract thorium from the uranium inventory and use it to pay Isotek, Environmental Management’s nuclear cleanup contractor.

The contract modification was approved after its evaluation as part of Environmental Management’s 45-day review, a kind of assessment EM offices around the country use to identify areas of improvement.

While presenting the evaluations that would be considered in the review to the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board last fall, EM manager Jay Mullis said about half of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Uranium-233 waste has been shipped off for disposal.

“The U-233 disposition is a two-phase approach,” Environmental Management spokesman Ben Williams said. “Half was shipped for direct disposal, and half has to be processed first.”

Shipped were the CEUSP shipments, a term that stands for the Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Program, a project to solidify and store radioactive uranium from the Indian Point 1 reactor in New York.

High vulnerabilities

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board issued a report on the building in 1997 for its high vulnerabilities, including aging and corroding storage containers, tank leaks and seismic and high wind safety concerns.

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