Source: | AIT News Desk | October 31, 2020

Partners across multiple healthcare divisions join forces to break down siloes to accelerate precision medicine opportunities for COVID-19 and beyond

BERG, a clinical-stage biotech that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate diseases and develop innovative treatments, announced a new collaborative model across the healthcare industry to fast track drug discovery research for COVID-19 and beyond. The new ecosystem comprised of BERG’s partners, such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, AdventHealth and the DOE-funded Oak Ridge National Lab, are identifying new ways of working and breaking down existing siloes to maximize time and efficiency in identifying and bringing new treatment options to market.

The model fosters ongoing communications, and simultaneously leverages each discipline’s key expertise and capabilities at specific points of the drug development process. Through this ecosystem, BERG and partners will have the capacity to fine study their efforts at any stage of the drug process in real-time in addition to preparation for the next superbug incident. With an overarching goal of fighting the novel coronavirus infection, the model will also tackle important research and development for diseases that lack effective drugs or treatments, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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