If you want to get a sense of how impatient some of President Obama’s most loyal supporters are getting when it comes to climate change, consider this: They’re planning to conduct protests at meetings of the grassroots advocacy organization run by his former top campaign aides. Environmentalists have become increasingly frustrated that Organizing for Action, the non-profit 501(c)(4) group that conducts issue advocacy on behalf of the president’s agenda, isn’t doing more to press for executive action on global warming. So these grassroots groups — including CREDO Action, the political arm of the company CREDO Mobile, 350.org and others, intend to demonstrate at events OFA will conduct in the weeks ahead.

Climate change remains on the White House’s agenda – along with immigration and entitlement reform (and a few topics not of the president’s choosing, such as his administration’s handling of the Internal Revenue Service and Benghazi). And President Obama has made it clear he plans to use his executive authority to tackle global warming this term, but he has yet to unveil any specific measures on it so far this year.

Source: Washington Post | Juliet Eilperin