Source: Nuclear Power Daily | April 27, 2015

Nuclear-at-Night croppedChina will bring eight nuclear power stations online this year and begin work on six to eight more, said head of the country’s nuclear energy association on Wednesday.

Currently, China has 26 units under construction, the most in the world, said Zhang Huazhu, head of the China Nuclear Energy Association.

There are 23 generators operating commercially, with a total capacity of 21.39 million kilowatts.

The 11th China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry opened on Wednesday with nearly 200 businesses and institutes from 10 countries taking part. Hualong One, China’s third generation power project, is being promoted in Argentina, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

“China will have 30 million kilowatts under construction and meet the goal of having 58 million kilowatts online by 2020,” said Zhang.